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Honeywell 4HSC CiTiceL H2S Gas Sensor

Honeywell 4HSC CiTiceL H2S Gas Sensor
Honeywell 4HSC CiTiceL H2S gas gensor  based-on 3-electrode electrochemical operating principle, is a fuel cell component which consist of  3 electrodes as sensing, cathode and reference.   The sensor has industry leading reliability and improved performance variability,  more than 2 years of  expected operating life in air, and over 18 months of standard warranty  from date of despatch.

Product details

Operating Principle 3-electrode electrochemical
Measurement Range 0~100ppm
Maximum Overload 500ppm
Filter none
Sensitivity 0.7±0.15μA/ppm
Response time T90:<20s
Baseline Offset <±0.5ppm
Zero Shift <±0.4ppm
Repeatability <5%
Operating Temperature -20~40°C
Operating Life


4HSC datasheet English 412KB

Product features

• Industry leading reliability
• Improved performance variability

Product application

  • portable life safety device

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