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Company Profile

After 16-years innovation and development in providing sensor technical service and products,SINOCOM Technology has grown become the most skillful and welcome supplier in this area.
Our extensive kinds of sensor can be widely used by different customers to meet their highest requirements applications like consumer electronics, handset, sports and fitness, commercial machines, communication tools, instruments and meters, automotive, industrial or medical equipments and military.
As a professional company focus on sensing and control problem solving, we always keep pace with the latest trends of sensor technology and applications. Our experienced technical groups are able to offer both hardware and software support service. Especially for those who are reluctant to design and test personally, we also can supply a turnkey project aid. In order to maintain the good service to every customer, SINOCOM has built a complete business system which includes products recommendation, rapid sample delivery, stock information, application assistance and after-sale s service. 
For more users to have the access of consulting and buying our high performance sensors, we have set business offices in the several biggest cities in the different regions of mainland China and Hong Kong. Till now, our sales network is still spreading. Thanks to the breakthroughs of sensor technology and the beginning of ‘smart times’ and LOT which is going to bring a massive opportunities and a far-reaching prospect to SINOCOM.