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Telit LM940 is First LTE Cat 11 IoT Module Certified by Sprint

From:Sinocom Optoelectronic Technol Time:2018-10-26 10:28:16
Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that Sprint has certified its first LTE Category 11 module: the Telit LM940. With support for up to 600 Mbps downlink and 75 Mbps uplink, the LM940 is ideal for enterprises that want to use Sprint’s network for primary or backup connectivity for remote office routers, gateways and other bandwidth-intensive applications.
The LM940 features a mini PCIe form factor and support for all LTE Cat 11 capabilities, including MIMO and carrier aggregation for maximum performance and reliability. It also includes multi-constellation satellite positioning (GNSS) embedded functionality and 20 LTE bands, plus five 3G bands to support the Sprint network as well as global use.
In 2017, Sprint certified the LE910C1-NS LTE Cat 1 module for use on its network. It remains the only LTE embedded module that Sprint has approved. With the LM940, Telit’s is the carrier’s most advanced portfolio of certified IoT modules and data cards. The addition of the high-speed LM940 is an important step in the road to 5G.
“With the Telit LM940, Sprint’s enterprise customers now have an LTE Cat 11 option for bandwidth-intensive applications such as enterprise SD-WAN with LTE, remote-office connectivity, mass transit transportation and video surveillance,” said Manish Watwani, Telit executive vice president of global product management. “As the first in a series of high-speed products to be certified, the LM940 is the latest example of Telit’s role as a trusted supplier of industry-first solutions to both Sprint and its enterprise customers.”
The LM940 module boasts a power-efficient platform and is the ideal solution for commercial and enterprise applications in the network appliance and router industry, such as branch office connectivity, LTE failover, digital signage, kiosks, pop-up stores, vehicle routers, construction sites and more. The module includes Linux and Windows driver support. The product family also includes the LM960, the world’s first Gigabit LTE data card (Cat 18), fully compatible with the LM940.

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