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Telit's 3G-Only UL865 Module Designed for a Post-2G North America

From:Sinocom Optoelectronic Technol Time:2017-01-24 19:59:47

They say good things come in threes, and it seems that Telit subscribes to that philosophy as the M2M solutions provider has released its third highly compact wireless M2M module within the last week. First, there was the GE866-QUAD, Telit’s smallest 2G cellular module with Conformal Coating technology, granting it a more robust build. Next, Telit introduced its smallest ever CDMA module, the CL865-DUAL. Now, the company has introduced the market’s first and smallest 3G-only cellular module.

Dubbed the UL865, this module, much like the GE866 and CL865, features an embedded Python Script Language interpreter, allowing it to run customer applications internally without the need for additional electronics. This also allows the module to access a companion Telit GPS/Glonass receiver module directly for a complete tracking device.

The UL865 also boasts battery-friendly 1.8-Volt logic, making it ideal for the wearable technology space — especially when also considering its size and the Python Script Language interpreter.

That aside, the UL865 delivers HSPA data rates of 7.2 Mbps down and 5.76 Mbps up and is available in a variant compliant with band and operator requirements for the North American market. Indeed, the new variant is designed to offer cost-optimized mobile data needs after 2G networks have been retired.

"The 3G-only variant of the UL865 features a VQFN packaging, which is versatile and cost effective in high-volume production situations," said Felix Marchal, chief product officer at Telit Wireless Solutions. "This further contributes to the product's effectiveness as a compact, cost-effective solution for 3G mobile-data applications in North America including usage based insurance (UBI) OBDII pluggable devices. This new product is particularly important because together with the CL865-DUAL, a fully compatible CDMA module, it offers our American customers the opportunity to design an application once and deploy it either on CDMA or HSPA networks in that market."

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